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Catering for corporate events NYC

Corporate Event Catering Services NYC, New York

Whether you are planning to organize a business seminar, networking event, corporate retreat, or training workshop for your employees, SAAR Indian Cuisine & Bar offers exceptional corporate event catering services for business clients across New York. We understand the importance of successful business networking events. Therefore, we offer an eclectic selection of delicious and mouthwatering Indian cuisines with a modern interpretation that will impress your business clients.

Our SAAR Indian Cuisine & Bar team specializes in coordinating and effectively managing all your catering operations, from menu planning to on-time delivery at the event venue so that you can enjoy your event stress-free. Our talented chefs have extensive experience catering to corporate events of any size, from an exclusive gathering to grand corporate parties. We serve farm-to-table fresh Indian food cooked with diverse traditional Indian flavors. If you have any special requests, our team will try its best to accommodate your specific event requirements.

For more information call Avtar Singh at- 516-244-5785 or email us at saarmanagementnyc@gmail.com

Let us take charge of the hassle of corporate event catering so you can focus on other important activities during the event, such as networking, team-building activities, and so on. Our catering team will also assist you with designing a personalized catering menu for your event. Whether you need adjustment in the spice palate, vegan, or gluten-free food options, our team is well-equipped to handle many kinds of special requests.

Make your next corporate event a huge success with excellent corporate catering services from SAAR Indian Cuisine & Bar!

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241 W 51st Street, New York, NY 10019
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